A little background on us.
We have been interested in wildlife, the natural world and cultural heitage for many years. Photography followed and the two seem to go hand in hand.

We enjoy sharing our travels and discoveries with others and never forget how lucky we have been to visit some of the great places in the world. The BBC's "Big Cat Diary" and associated programming have inspired us and we have followed some of the animal stars for many years during our trips to the Maasai Mara in Kenya. Some feature in our Gallery here.

We both use Canon equipment, begging and borrowing where we can! Our bag now contains 5D mk II and III, 7D and back up cameras. For wildlife we generally use a 70-200mm, 70-300mm, a 100-400mm and the recently launched 200-400 with built in extender - a stunning lens. A macro lens and always a bean bag, tripod or monopod are close to hand. We also never forget our G15 for those instant shots and really excellent video quality. Our binoculars are always with us because we love to just sit and watch what's happening.

We do all our own processing and printing (up to A3 size) but never manipulate an image beyond the very basics of curves and cropping in Lightroom. We try to get the image right in the camera - occasionally that leads to a stray leaf or grass stalk - but hey, that's reality!